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How much does a new sign cost?

Signs can be one of the higher cost assets of your business. It is important to remember that this initial cost for a sign(s) is a long term cost. If you pay $16,500 for your sign(s) and you depreciate that cost over a seven year period with an additional cost of 10% added for service, than you are paying $274 per month for the advertising that the sign does for you. And since signs manufactured and installed by CLSC have a lower need for service, that cost per month would be even less. And remember the SBA says that signs are the most effective yet least expensive means of generating exposure.

Leasing Signs: There is another finance your sign. We work with a local leasing company that will set up a two to five year lease program. You generally have to pay two months payments as a deposit and there is a $1 buy out at the end of your term. These terms can vary depending upon your financial status. To give you an estimate for a four year term on an $8,000 sign, the cost per month is approximately $210.50 plus sales tax.

How long does it take to manufacture and install a sign?

Different signs will take different lengths of time to complete. We can give you a time line for your sign. Permanently attached exterior signs and in most locations interior electrical signs, require permits to complete. These types of signs, once you have given us approval to proceed, take six to eight weeks to complete.

What is the first step in getting a new sign for my business?

The simplest step to take is to call us and we will set up a time to meet with you so that we can better visualize your business, guide you through the process, and create the sign that will bring customers in the door. There are several sections of this web site that you can read to help you feel more comfortable with this process?.. whether that means just looking at different pictures of signs (either looking at signs that are categorized by the different locations for signs or types of signs in YOUR SIGN GALLERY or taking the time to read about THE PROCESS.

The more signs you look at the easier it is for City Lights Sign to get a feel of what styles you like. MOST IMPORTANTLY, give us a call or REQUEST A QUOTE and we will set up a time to meet at the site to give you some ideas and to guide you through the process of choosing a sign.

Do I need a permit for new signage to be installed?

Permanently attached exterior signs and in most locations interior electrical signs, require permits to complete.

Which type of sign would be the best for my business?

You will want to look at what image you want to portray to your clients. It is important to look at who your ideal client is and how you attract them to your doors. What hours are you going to be open and what time of day will your ideal client come to your business. How long will you be at this location. Study your location to determine where the best location is for your sign. Take into consideration what time of year it is and how it will look during all the different seasons. Then look at the types of signs in YOUR SIGN GALLERY and what options there are for you.

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