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We have also categorized signs by location if you want to look at different signs for Storefronts, Interior Signs, Architectural Lighting, portable signs, and arts/gifts.

Vinyl Graphics – comes in sheets with one side covered with an adhesive; solid colors can be cut out and applied to a surface such as windows and vehicles (or any surface that the vinyl will stick to). The more complex and the more the colors used, the more complex the vinyl project will be. Can be used to advertise your name, logo, products and services as well as a decorative way to block visibility on windows you do not want people looking through.

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Digital Graphics – A printer up to five feet wide that will print onto vinyl so that all colors, blends, and gradients can be used. Adds one more step to the vinyl project with the printing on the vinyl. But for complex designs, digitally printed vinyl is one sheet applied to the surface instead of many layers of colors applied. Generally the digitally printed vinyl is a more complex and extensive method.

Banners – There are several types of flexible banner materials that can be used to either apply vinyl to or to digitally print directly onto. This style of sign generally allows for better pricing if digitally printed since the design is printed directly on the banner. Banners can be installed on a wall, fence, between posts OR on brackets that allow it to project off a building or pole.

A-Boards – Also know as sandwich boards, these panels can be brought in and out at a business entrance. There are different sizes but the standard sizes are 32 in, 36 in and 48 in tall. It is important to understand that most municipalities have laws against the use of A-boards. However, many allow the A-boards as long as there are not complaints. This is a sign that gets dragged in and out so keep the sign is going to get beat up. And often they get stolen so locking them up is not a bad idea.

Directional signage – Directional signage is an important aspect of your sign package. The customers need help finding your location the quickest and easiest way possible. Directional signs are generally small in size and shape but contain a quick message of which way to go. Most of these signs are non-illuminated but they can also be illuminated internally or externally.

Panel Signs: There are many types of materials that can be used as a backing for flat panels with non-dimensional lettering and graphics. These vary from wood, plastics, PVC, and metals. The panel signs can be a single layer of the backing material, the edges can be capped or framed in, and dimension can be added to the panel by creating a frame the backing material is mounted too. Finishing the edges or adding dimension, will add to the complexity of the sign design and cost. The other factors that affect the complexity of the sign is how the lettering and logo are applied. Again vinyl or digital imaging can be used as well as hand painting, and leafing the surface with gold, bronze, copper, aluminum, or variegated metal leaf. Signs can be mounted on a wall, double sided projecting off the wall or between posts.

Adding dimension to the sign: Individual dimensional Letters, Graphics, and/or Backings...from 1/8 in thick to several inches thick. The materials used will vary in durability, and thus, cost: gatorfoam, dinofoam, acrylic, PVC, High Density Urethane, aluminum and other metals. The letters and logo can be individual letters mounted flush to the wall or pinned off the wall to create the floating affect. Letters and Logos can also be used as part of layered backing. Layers sitting on top of each other. Or dimension can be created by cutting out a thicker backing.

Sandblasted Sign: Traditionally sandblasted signs have been made from redwood or cedar. Wood has become more precious and as a material exposed to the elements will tend to warp or break down over time. Today the HDU (High Density Urethane) panels are available commonly from ˝ in to 2 in deep and make a good substitute for wood. Once the material is properly sealed you can get many years of good use.

Illuminated Signs

Channel letters –Channel letters are dimensional, internally illuminated letters. The letters have a metal backing and metal sides w/ a translucent plex face. The plex can either be a solid color or white w/ translucent vinyl applied to the face with the option of leaving a white outline to make the letters pop against a darker background. The letters are generally mounted individually (flush mounted) or mounted on an electrical raceway that is then mounted to the storefront. The method in which they are mounted is usually due to access, or lack of, behind the wall where the sign is installed. The letters are standardly internally illuminated w/ high output colors of neon. They can also be illuminated w/ LED lighting strips. Channel plaques are manufactured the same way as the letters. They generally are oval or square in shape. Channel plaques are commonly used when the customer has a defined logo or tagline. The logo or tagline is then placed on the plaque face in translucent vinyl or a digital print.

6FT Channel Letters & Channel Plaque Channel Letters & Plaque

Channel letters Channel Plaque

Reverse pan (halo lit)channel letters – Reverse pan letters are similar in construction except the face of the letters are metal. The back of the letter is open and the letters are mounted away from the backing to allow the illumination to splash and create a ‘halo’ around the letter. The backing can also be a part of the design or logo.

Dual lit channel letters – Dual lit letters are a combination of both the halo lit and standard channel letter. The letters have a plex face which allows the lights to illuminate the front of the letter, but the back is also open to allow the light to create the halo effect around the edge of the letter. Again – the backing the letters are pegged off of can be a part of the overall design of the sign.

Open pan channel letters – The open pan version of the channel letter simply shows the neon inside of the letter. The letter does not have a plex face. The sides of the letters and the inside pan of the letter can be painted (2) different colors with the neon complimenting those colors. These letters are bright and show the character of the letter when it is defined by the neon tubing.

Exposed neon – Exposed neon is simply the neon tube visibly mounted on a wall, fascia, or metal sign cabinet. Exposed neon can be a great visual aid for your business. Neon is very bright and demands attention. The wording or logo of your business can be lit up w/ neon tubing. You can compliment the exposed neon with the backing color and by adding vinyl graphics or lettering behind the neon. Or outline the cabinet or area where your sign is installed.

Neon border or Outline Lighting – Like exposed neon – you have a wide variety of options. Whether you want to outline the top of your building to get attention from afar or just outline the inside windows, the possibilities are endless. This type of lighting is used to catch the eye and bring attention to the location.

Neon Cove Lighting – particularly for indoor applications when you want to create to draw attention, guide people in a particular direction or just for the aesthetics of the color washing on the wall. Neon has the flexibility to be shaped and will not leave any shadows where the neon tube ends as fluorescent or other types of lighting can do.

Neon Cove LightingNeon Cove Architectural Lighting

LED’s – LED’s are used for similar situations that neon tubing is used for. LED’s are small lights strung in a line. They are not used exposed but are used whenever internally illuminated ? as neon is used. They can take the shape of the letter or logo. Just like neon, LEDs are also used in rope like configurations or hard plastic tubing for outline lighting or architectural lighting. The limitation is the variety of colors – you will not have as many choices as you do w/ neon. Also, certain LED colors stay bright longer than other colors. However, LEDs are lo voltage and provide you with a larger energy savings. And in some installations where access is difficult, LEDs are the only practical way to install the sign.

LED Message Centers – Message centers are just as they sound. Your message can change from minute to minute or changed daily. Graphics can be integrated into this type of message board. The sign is composed of a metal sign cabinet which encases the small LED lights that are used to illuminate the graphics and wording. The sign can have one color (amber or red) or and be full color. The copy and graphics for the messages are created and stored in a computer which connects to a data cable that connects to the reader board. Here you have a wide variety of choices from small interior single line messages to larger than life billboard size signs that are full color and run video clips. It is important to make sure this type of sign is allowed in your area.

Cold Cathode: In simple terms, cold cathode is larger (bigger diameter) than neon and can be powered by either a ballast or transformer. These systems require a higher amperage to run the system. Because these systems do run hotter, they require very specific insulators for the ends of the cathode lamps. The light output is higher than standard neon systems but will also not last as long as neon systems....5 years is the general rule for cold cathode. Cold Cathode is used for interior or exterior architectural lighting.

Backlit/fluorescent cabinets – Backlit cabinets can be single faced (sided) or double sided signs. They have metal sides and back. The face is generally a polycarbonate material that let’s the light shine thru. The face is decorated w/ translucent vinyl copy and graphics. A solid background of translucent vinyl w/ reversed out white letters is also used to advertise your name and business. The sign cabinet contains high output fluorescent lamps that run horizontally or vertically in the cabinet to give the best light output These cabinets also do not need to be the standard rectangle or square shape. They can be customized to fit your logo or space. Double sided backlit cabinets are generally mounted on a pole and placed a minimum of 8 ft off the ground for good visibility. They can also be mounted from one end of the cabinet to project out from your building (blade sign).

Routed Sign – A routed sign face can have a variety of applications. The face material can be metal w/ a textured surface or smooth. The copy can be routed out w/ a water jet or metal bit. The routed face can be backed up w/ a polycarbonate material of color or white. This type of sign can be illuminated from behind or have external light shining on the face itself. Another option is to have a routed metal face w/ routed out polycarbonate copy that has dimension to it and the letters push thru the cut out metal letters. This can also be internally or externally illuminated. There is a wide variety of materials that can be routed to customize your sign face.

Awnings – Awnings have a dual purpose. They can protect the clients visiting your business establishment from the elements while it advertises your type of business and name. Awnings are made from a thick banner like material that can hold up to the environment. The awning surface can either be painted or have the high performance vinyl applied to the surface. The awnings can also be internally lit w/ the fluorescent lamps. Awning material has a metal sub frame underneath to hold its shape. You have options in the shape, size and color to best fit your needs.

Custom combo signs – Let’s put it simply – whatever your heart desires!! We can incorporate all of the sign components into your sign. We can outline the sign cabinet w/ exposed neon border, have a routed out face of metal and backlight the cut-out letters with another color. Get creative and have your customers and competition compliment and talk about your sign. That’s what it is all about – getting people’s attention and attracted to your business.

Types of signs by location? can be illuminated or non illuminated

Blade signs – Blade signs are signs that project out from the building. The sign can be read easily from both directions. These types of signs can be illuminated, internally or externally.

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Pylon signs (pole signs) – Pylon signs are generally double faced sign cabinets. They are mounted to a pole set in the ground. They can be internally illuminated with fluorescent lamps or have exposed neon on the surface. Pylons are good for visibility at a distance, along the main road or highway.

Monument signs –Monument signs are lower to the ground, usually 5 to 10’ above the ground. They can have a decorative base with the landscaping as part of the overall appearance. They can also be illuminated in various ways – internally or externally.

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