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City Lights Sign Making a Sign Choice 

Making a Sign Choice

Making a Sign Choice

Our world has been changing and evolving and with these changes the need and demand for signs has changed. Our lives no longer keep us in one place or one job. We move faster and travel farther, and we have the internet to instantly connect us anywhere in the world and to more information. As a result of this pace and access to so much information, the need to clearly, definitively show those passing/rushing by who you are, what your business is, and what your business has to offer, becomes critical to bringing customers in the door. You are a unique business and the design and type of sign you choose is essential to bringing your customers, and preferably your ideal customer, in the door. There are many design elements in combination with the type of sign that make an effective sign. It is important that the feel of your business and the products you provide are reflected in your logo and sign.


We find that our customers come to us in one of three stages with the design of their logo and therefore sign. In an effort to speed up the process, we’ve come up with a few ways to address where you are in the process of choosing a sign:

You have a Sign design already laid out:
You can either contact us by phone or email us your plans and a filled out quote page and we will contact you within two business days. Request a Quote

You have a design and/or a logo; but not sure what style of sign you want (or are allowed).
You need help with what style of sign best suits your needs. And we can “tweak” what ever needs to be done to the design to work best at your location. Note what your landlord’s criteria is for the sign??. this may limit your options. Then take a look at the different sign styles and see what type of sign is going to fit your location and the image you want to create. Look in Find Your Sign Gallery to see sign options and Request a Quote to give us some info about you and your sign.

You do not have a logo and are not sure what is available and what type of sign fits your image and/or your budget?
Again you need to look at what image you want to portray to your clients. It is important to look at who your ideal client is and how you attract them to your doors. We will want to know what the feel is for your business. What hours are you going to be open and what time of day will your ideal client come to your business. How long will you be at this location? Study your location to determine where the best location is for your sign....take into consideration what time of year it is and how it will look during all the different seasons. Then look at the types of signs in Find Your Sign Gallery and what options there are for you. We are a custom sign designer and manufacturer; so the pricing is going to vary with the design of the sign. This gallery will help give you an idea or which signs might fit your needs. Once you have thought about your sign Request a Quote page and we will set up a time to meet and discuss some design ideas. And if you do not have time or the inclination to check thru the website. Contact us with the Request a quote and we will guide you through the process.


Signs can be one of the higher cost assets of your business. It is important to remember that this initial cost for a sign(s) is a long term cost. If you pay $8,250 for your sign(s) and you depreciate that cost over a seven year period with an additional cost of 10% added for service, than you are paying $137 per month for the advertising that the sign does for you. And since signs manufactured and installed by City Lights Sign Company have a lower need for service, that cost per month would be even less. And remember the SBA says that signs are the most effective yet least expensive means of generating exposure.

An effective sign works for you daily and is your best form of marketing your business?.and can even lower your overall marketing costs. Surveys have shown that adding a sign to a site increases sales 4.75 %. Another survey asked when customers bought from stores with a new or replaced sign, how you learned about the store?.50% said they came in because they saw the sign. So when deciding what your budget will be for buying your signs, keep the importance of the visibility the sign gives you and that it is a long term investment.

Leasing Signs: There is another finance your sign. We work with a local leasing company that will set up a two to five year lease program. You generally have to pay two months payments as a deposit and there is a $1 buy out at the end of your term. These terms can vary depending upon your financial status. To give you an estimate for a four year term on an $8,000 sign, the cost per month is $210.50 plus sales tax.

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