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City Lights Sign Co has been doing survey, installation, and service subcontracting work for National Sign Suppliers for over 20 years. Communication is the key to doing this type of work because we are generally working with a company in another state and we need to be the eyes and consultants for the work that needs to done. We pride ourselves in being as efficient and complete in getting this work done; and therefore believe in doing our part to get the correct information to the sign company we are working with in the beginning of this process so that the rest of work runs smoothly. We have worked with many companies across the country including Superior Electrical Signs, MC Signs, Federal Heath Signs, Pattison Signs, Coast Signs, Ad Art, Bill Moore, Triangle Signs etc.
Ways we keep subcontracting jobs run smoothly:
– Our experience has shown that we need to have at a minimum a thorough photo survey of the site (including interior access) but better yet a physical field survey of the site so that the job can be completed on time and efficiently.

– City Lights has a person who specializes in permitting in the different jurisdictions of the Puget Sound Region who will help with any permitting issues.

– We assign a project manager to each project. However, through our job folder system that holds all the correspondence, notes, and information about the job; and our team philosophy and meetings we have any needed information at our finger tips.

– We understand the importance of communication and keep it flowing.

– Our installation crew understands the importance of this work and works as efficiently and thoroughly on subcontracting jobs as we do on our own long time clients in the Puget Sound.

If you are a subcontractor and have a installation, survey or service need please contact us at
206-789-4747 or fill out and submit this Service Call Request form to


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